Welfare Advice Protocol
Jacobs have an effective Welfare Advice Protocol to enable joined up working with all free welfare advice agencies. The protocol is an established procedure where organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau are providing advice and support to a customer.
Welfare Team
Jacobs have a Welfare Team that consists of specialist trained officers who deal with all vulnerable cases and manages all communications with free welfare advice agencies.

The Process
We appreciate that when a welfare advice agency is providing specialist support to customers it may take time to conduct a thorough means enquiry, obtain any required evidence and provide advice and support. Under the protocol, the welfare team will discuss this with the advice agency and place the account on hold for a period of up to 28 days.

We will work with the advice agency to discuss the best way to clear the outstanding debt which will include consideration of all circumstances and agreeing a suitable payment arrangement.

The team regularly check the progress of cases on hold under the protocol and we may cancel the hold action if no further information is received in the agreed timescales.

The Welfare Team can contacted direct on 0151 650 4980.

We have a dedicated email address, CAB@jacobsenforcement.com, for direct access by the Welfare Team.

Joint Working
Jacobs are committed to joint working with free advice agencies and we regularly meet with CAB advisors across the country to discuss our joint policies, procedures and best practice initiatives.

With free training available on all aspects of our procedures including the protocol, in addition to the new regulations, we have provided tailored sessions and briefings to over 300 CAB advisors across the country.

If you are a free welfare advice provider based in a location where Jacobs currently provide services to the local authority and would like information on the Protocol, please contact CAB@jacobsenforcement.com.