With over 57 years of experience in working in partnership with local authorities across England and Wales, Jacobs provide seamless services in the collection of Non Domestic Rates (BDR) and Business Improvement District (BID) levies.
Jacobs understand the requirement for Councils to recover all income required to deliver front line services, and the importance of rates retention schemes in achieving this objective and safeguarding public services.

Early Compliance is Key
Jacobs have tailored compliance models ranging from fast track 10 days from notice of enforcement to visit through to more comprehensive 40 day models based on proactive phone debt recovery and timely reminder notices.

Early compliance is key to ensure we maximise opportunity to contact, collect and keep costs low.

Intelligent Recovery
Jacobs use a number of pre-action case checks on account receipt to ensure we have up to date information, link all accounts, and ensure all activity is coordinated.

We have seen a significant reduction in the number of cases requiring a visit by proactively managing all cases and using smarter and more modern recovery procedures.

Enforcement Visits
On escalation to the Enforcement Stage the case is allocated to a local Enforcement Agent. All Agents will be pre-approved on contract set up, local to your Council area, are certificated by the county court, and have received specialist training in Non Domestic Rates.

Using the latest technology on the doorstep to capture all information in real time, our Agents are in constant communication with back office systems and support staff.

All Agents are equipped with Video Badge recording devices to promote transparency and audit.

Back Office Support
Jacobs support all our Agents through specialist support staff who will review all accounts, actions taken, and will coordinate visits to ensure we utilise all available resources to maximise customer contact and collections.

Robust quality checks ensure we provide effective case management and improved recovery rates.

Client Liaison
You will have one to one client administration through a dedicated liaison officer who will be the day to day operational contact with your team, ensuring all actions are completed, cases updated, and all queries resolved immediately.

Specialist Bankruptcy/Insolvency and Rate Avoidance Support
Jacobs have established and very experienced partners who will provide clients with advice and support on all aspects of Bankruptcy, Insolvency issues in addition to advice of Rate Avoidance issues.

The free advice includes the review of problematic cases, and training and development of your staff, in addition to representing the Council at court hearings and petitions.

Client Management and Review
Jacobs’ dedicated client management is undertaken by the Senior Management team, ensuring that we regularly review all aspects of the contract, including quality, performance, implementing new initiatives and working closely with the Council to set direction.

The team are ex Local Authority Senior Managers from Revenues, Recovery and Enforcement backgrounds, ensuring that we fully understand your services, debt types and the need to deliver efficient, effective and comprehensive seamless services.

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