High Court Enforcement
Jacobs provide a full range of Debt Recovery and Enforcement services that ensure a joined up corporate approach, working in true partnership with our Local Authority Clients.
To protect budgets and ensure we collect all vital income available to the Council, we are now able to offer High Court Enforcement Agent Services to our Local Taxation and Corporate Debt Clients.

Approved Agent

Jacobs have a partnership with Andrew Wilson & Co to provide effective High Court Enforcement Services.

We have carefully selected our agents and have a very robust and stringent approved suppliers select list.

Following a detailed and comprehensive search of the providers available and authorised to carry out this specialist work, Andrew Wilson have been selected as the leading provider, clearly demonstrating their experience and specialism to be able to work in partnership with us.

Andrew Wilson & Co are authorised by the Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor’s department to enforce all High Court Judgments and County Court Judgments over £600.

For more information on Andrew Wilson & Co, please visit www.andrewwilsonandco.com

Andrew Wilson & Co are members of the High Court Officers Association, and details of the association, and their registration, can be found at the following link: www.hceoa.org.uk

The Service
In partnership with Andrew Wilson & Co, Jacobs have undertaken the management of cases suitable for High Court Enforcement.

These are for corporate debts over £600 where a County Court Judgment has been obtained, and can be transferred up to the High Court for further enforcement.

Transferring the Case from the County Court to the High Court
Jacobs will support the transferring up process to the High Court.

We can also assist you with appropriate case selection to ensure that enforcement is effective.

Form N293A requires completing to commence the transfer process, and can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Download Form

Once the Judgement has been formally transferred, a Writ of Control is issued, and the case will be passed to Andrew Wilson to enforce the debt as High Court Enforcement Agents.

Case Monitoring and Performance
Jacobs manage the full process and your client relationship stays with Jacobs.

All cases are referred to Jacobs as normal and we remain fully accountable for your case throughout the process.

Our specialist staff will monitor all caseloads and liaise with the High Court Officers on a daily basis, checking against quality standards set, case targets and monitoring all collections and performance.

If you are an existing client, please contact your client manager to discuss this service in more detail.