Sefton MBC Selects Jacobs
Jacobs are highly delighted to report that we have just been reappointed at Sefton MBC to continue collecting Local Taxation and Corporate debt and appointed as a new supplier to collect Parking PCN Warrants that are outstanding to the council.

Paul Kelly, Client Services Director, said “We are excited to have been appointed by the council and extend our range of services to include parking services. We have worked with the council for many years and these two appointments demonstrate that our services are fit for purpose and can stand up to robust scrutiny at formal open market competition and bring best value to the council. We look forward to starting the new contract imminently”. The new contract was awarded following a robust open market competition through the Rotherham Framework. The further mini competition was conducted as a Presentation and Interview process, covering several key criteria. The competition was open to all 10 firms with a place on the Framework.

For more information on conducting further mini competitions under the established Rotherham Framework that could significantly reduce your workloads, please contact Paul Kelly at