Jacobs Customer is Live!
Jacobs are proud to launch our online Customer Application, ‘Jacobs Customer’.

Our app will allow customers to access and manage their account online and carry out several functions with our easy-to-use tools. The app has been developed by our in-house development team over the course of 12 months, and has undergone vigorous user testing to ensure that it is completely fit for purpose.

During this process, we obtained results that were invaluable in helping us to shape the design of the application, in order to cater for users of all experience levels.The application can also be accessed across a number of devices, to give the user maximum control over how they prefer to manage their account digitally.

Why We Created Jacobs Customer

At Jacobs, we have always been committed to providing our clients and customers with the very best quality service; year on year, we continue to make improvements in all aspects of the business to ensure that we achieve this. Our in-house Technology & Development team work tirelessly to create new and exciting products that meet customers’ needs, and this application is key to how we envision the growth of our digital services and the user interaction element.

During the development of Jacobs Customer, our vision was to create the best online customer experience in the industry. The app had to include every aspect of the debt management experience, whilst following a systematic and compact approach to its functions. We wanted to create an environment that catered for all of our customers’ needs when managing their debt, as well as in a future release, providing instructions of their next steps by way of a notification system. We have maintained a strong focus regarding the accessibility of the application, to ensure that we meet the needs of each individual user. Whilst developing the app, we guaranteed to incorporate changeable features to enable the customer to modify their experience.

Our testing reflected a unanimous belief that, when managing their finances online, users need to feel that the website they are logging into is completely reliable and trustworthy. We wanted to create an application that would give users a sense of absolute safety from the moment that they see the login page to the moment they wish for their session to end. To achieve this, our team designed a clean and simple interface that gives an immediate sense of professionalism, essential functionality and total security.

Our team carried out extensive research into user behaviour towards different interfaces across multiple devices, in order to unearth common UX/UI solutions. This research influenced how our team viewed the usability of the application, and made appropriate and beneficial alterations as a result of what was discovered. The accessibility features, collapsible sidebar and user onboarding are just some of the ways that we improved the overall experience for the user, to make the application run as intended and as seamlessly as possible.

Our team created a unique user-testing process to trial the functionality of the application. This included asking test users to carry out a number of basic tasks, whilst observing their behavioral and emotional reactions. Each test was carefully recorded using methods which included setting up a video camera, screen capture software, and note taking.The outcomes of the testing were discussed at length amongst the team, and translated into a series of amendments which were addressed when considering the internal structure of the application.

Next Steps

Following the launch of Jacobs Customer, the application will be subject to regular updates, constant maintenance and continuous improvement cycles. Our team will be implementing a user suggestion link within the app, to enable customers to provide feedback, share ideas and raise any issues that they encounter during their experience. We will continue to carry out our individual approach to in-house testing, and ensure that the app is rag tested frequently.

In order to access Jacobs Customer, you will be required to register and subsequently log in using your Jacobs Reference Number and your Council Reference Number. Registration will only occur during the first use of the application, to securely set up the users details and link to their Jacobs account. The application can be accessed via our website, and is compatible with all Windows, iOS and Android devices.