3 Cambridgeshire Authorities Appoint Jacobs
Following a joint procurement exercise, we are delighted to announce that 3 Cambridgeshire authorities have reappointed Jacobs to continue to work in partnership for the collection of Council Tax, Business Rates, and all corporate debt outstanding.

South Cambridgeshire, Cambridge City and Huntingdonshire Councils undertook a joint procurement exercise to renew their Enforcement Agency contract through open competitive tender utilising the Rotherham Framework.

Simon Jacobs, Partner, said “We have worked with the 3 authorities for the last 4 years and very pleased to have been reappointed following a new open tender procedure. We look forward to continuing to deliver our innovative services with continuous improvement”.

The contract has been awarded for 2 years with the option to extend for a further 2 years.

The 3 authorities utilised the existing Rotherham framework to undertake a contract ‘call off’ further testing the 10 suppliers on the framework via a mini competition. This involved completing an Invitation to tender document and demonstrating the key criteria required through a series of challenging questions that tested the quality of services provided

Bethan Lewis, Head of Public Sector Procurement at Jacobs further commented “The Rotherham Framework is available at no cost to public authorities to utilise and significantly reduce the work involved in undertaking a tender exercise. The framework was updated and renewed in 2017 and is fit for purpose for both Local Taxation and Parking PCN enforcement requirements. For more information on the framework and how it can save you administration time and costs please contact me direct”.

Bethan Lewis, Head of Public Sector Procurement, BL@jacobsenforcement.com