IRRV Excellence in Training and Development Silver Award 2011
Training and Development is at the very heart of our organisation. At Jacobs we have in place comprehensive staff development programmes to ensure that we not only give our staff the skills and tools to do their jobs, but also to create an environment of positive and continuous lifelong learning.
Our people are our best asset, investing their careers in our organisation. We, in partnership, provide them with opportunities to grow, be creative, and excel. Our excellent Training and Development packages improve job satisfaction, enhance motivation, and generate passion to achieve.

We don’t stop there. Jacobs are committed to providing year on year improvements in service delivery, and, as an extension to our clients’ recovery departments, we provide a wide range of training packages to clients, members, CAB staff and stakeholders in order to maximise collection and quality, ensuring we work in true partnership.

Jacobs. Investing in tomorrow – delivering every day.

Awards Criteria
The award panel were looking for organisations to demonstrate that they had excelled in the area of Education, Training and Development. There needed to be evidence of new approaches which had improved individual performance as well as contributing to organisational success.

Awards Panel Feedback
It was felt that Jacobs had adopted a strategic approach to training, with support given to staff at all levels. Our training programmes were deemed varied, addressing the specific developmental needs of staff as well as clients using our services.

The Inspection Team were impressed by the credibility that the submissions from the company had brought to the Enforcement Agent profession. Jacobs demonstrated the importance of working in partnership with Local Authorities, as well as all agencies who assist those experiencing difficulty in paying their debts.