Jacobs Training Library
At Jacobs we strive to create a nurturing environment for our employees and provide the tools and the environment to support the personal and professional development of all of our staff members.

The Jacobs Training Library was launched in 2014 to help our staff learn to use software and develop practical and business skills to achieve industry standards and attain professional goals.

Our staff have unlimited access to our suite of training courses, which can be accessed in the office or on the go using our iPad app. Courses are kept up to date, adapting to changes in systems, processes and legislation. New courses are added periodically to support the current needs of the business.

Our suite of courses covers a number of different subjects, ranging from basic operation of equipment (such as the iPad) to detailed operational instructions of in-house and external software. Courses comprise full HD movies and PDFs, and are all professionally produced to an excellent standard.

Over the next year a host of new features will be implemented into the Jacobs Training Library, creating the best possible learning experience for our staff.