debt statistics & analysis
Aneris is our continuously growing suite of in-house operational technologies. Through internal process analysis and design, we have been developing a numbers of technologies to autonomously integrate and automate many of our operational processes. This has not only enabled us to further improve the efficiency of our operations but also the transparency of our services for clients.

Aneris Perform

debt statistics & analysis
Developed between 2011 and 2013, Aneris Perform is a performance management solution completely unique to the debt recovery industry. The application dynamically pulls data from multiple data sources, running unique calculations to provide our clients with transparent in-depth statistics and analysis.

Developed using the latest cache technology, Aneris Perform can be used wherever, whenever and operates effectively on mobile devices.

Designed and developed in-house by Ben Quinn, Aneris Perform led Jacobs to become the first ever Enforcement Agent to win gold in the 2013 IRRV awards in the category of Excellence in Innovation (I.T).

Aneris Process

Aneris Process is our Automated Query System that enables us to schedule, process and deliver large numbers of operational database queries daily. The centralisation of the query system acts a schematic for the processing of our operational data, delivered to the end user at the precise step of the administration process.

With this automation we can use technology to process/validate data in an intricate amount of detail, maintaining a high level of administrative service throughout the debt recovery process.

Aneris Reward

Introduced in 2014, Aneris Reward is a system that calculates and tracks the efficiency of call operations at Jacobs. This reward system communicates with our Avaya Communication technolgies and OneStep Solutions, creating a profile of each operator and their performance at all times.

Aneris Reward has given us a platform to manage/track each call operator's service level to continuously ensure we provide the highest level of customer service.