Seamless Services - Automation & Efficiency Savings
Jacobs work in partnership with clients to ensure that our services are modern, fit for purpose and are innovative ensuring year on year improvements.
By working in true partnership with our clients we have common goals, and a key goal is to provide a seamless service, with reduced costs in administration, and provide better value for the Council and its stakeholders.

Reducing Costs and Creating Efficiency
Jacobs will work with all clients to reduce administration ensuring that efficiency savings are generated for the Council in both cash and non-cashable savings.

Innovation is at the heart of all we do at Jacobs and we have a number of initiatives that we can provide that enhance both the client and debtor experience.

We focus on the main themes of no cost innovations to our clients:

Accurate Data Transfer and Up to Date Records – Seamless interfaces of all key core systems including cash and Document Image Systems. We work in your community and assist keeping your database up to date and accurate by undertaking a whole host of proactive initiatives on your behalf.

Reducing Processing Costs – returning cases to their next stage codes significantly reduces your administration time and with reports directly into your DIP system, your staff can focus on other core tasks.

Transfer the Administration – Working together we can undertake common administration functions and deal with all debtor responses in our multi-skilled collections centre.

Joint Learning – We can provide a wide range of training for your staff, contact centre staff, members, and local welfare advice agencies to ensure we provide seamless service of key deliverables together.

Making Informed Decisions - Live Performance – With our Gold Award winning performance management system available to access at any time via your tailored client suite on this website, we provide clear, transparent graphical information on all areas of activity and performance. This includes our unique Compliance – v – Enforcement reporting. You can make informed decisions, set the direction and agree initiatives – it’s only a click away.

All Debt Types
We have a complete portfolio of initiatives that we can agree and implement which will provide innovation and make significant improvements in our joined up service delivery.

Social Value
Jacobs are committed to the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 in ensuring we provide and deliver local services at a local level.

It’s important that we deliver services that are local, employ local people and use local suppliers and social enterprises.

In addition we work with our clients on a number of social inclusion initiatives, ensuring that we offer access to our services, the Council services, and local free advice agencies in all areas of the Council’s responsibilities.